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HP 462969-B21
Battery module - For Battery Backed Write Cache BBWC 460499-001, 462969-B21
Контроллер HP StorageWorks 6Gb SAS Blade Switch to communicate with P2000sa (8 external SFF8088 ports) Single switch BK763A Код: 112832
AJ764A StorageWorks 82Q 8Gb Dual Port PCIe Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (LC connector)
Контроллер НР Qlogic-based (QMH2562) BL cClass Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter (8-Gb) (BL280G6,460G6,490G6,685G5,860,870) 451871-B21 Код: 47718
HP 698533-B21
Контроллер SAS Controller Smart Array P830/ 4GB FBWC/ 6Gb/ 2-port Int, PCI-E 3.0 698533-B21 Код: 100137503
Контроллер 726782-B21 Smart Array P741m/ 2GB FBWC
HP 724864-B21
HP 2SFF SAS/ SATA HDD Cage in Front/ Rear Kit for DL380 Gen9 (in the rear is only supported with a 24SFF or 12LFF, For 2SFF front req 724865-B21) 724864-B21 Код: 100176193
Контроллер дискового массива HP MSA 2040 Fibre Channel Controller (4Gb cache, 4x8/ 16 Gb FC ports, SFF8088 port for connect disk enclosures, no sfp, req. C8R23A or C8R24A) C8R09A Код: 100095199
HP 727250-B21
HP 12Gb SAS Expander Card (9P mSAS(SFF8087) 2P to controllers, 7P to drive cage, full cables kit) for DL380 Gen9 727250-B21 Код: 100165956
HP 726897-B21
HP SAS Controller Smart Array P840/ 4GB FBWC/ 12G/ Int. Duble mini-SAS ports/ PCIe3.0 X8/ full height 726897-B21 Код: 100165965
HP 698532-B21
Контроллер HP SAS Controller Smart Array P431/ 4GB FBWC/ 6Gb/ 2-port Ext, PCI-e 3.0 698532-B21 Код: 100137500
Контроллер дискового массива HP MSA 2040 SAS Controller (4Gb cache, 4xSFF8644 host ports, SFF8088 port for connect disk enclosures) C8S53A Код: 100095159
Контроллер НР Emulex-based (LPe1205) BL cClass Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter (8-Gb) (BL280G6,460G6,490G6,685G5,860,870) 456972-B21 Код: 47717
HP 629135-B22
HP HP 629135-B22 Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter
HP 698531-B21
Контроллер HP SAS Controller Smart Array P431/ 2GB FBWC/ 6Gb/ 2-ports Ext, PCI-e 3.0 (698531-B21) 698531-B21 Код: 100094963
HP 629135-B22
E Адаптер E 1Gb Ethernet 4P 331FLR (629135-B22) 629135-B22 Код: 100213954
Контроллер HP FCA 82E Dual Channel 8Gb Host Bus Adapter PCI-E for WinSrv and Linux (LC connector), incl. h/ h & f/ h. brckts (analog AJ763A) AJ763B Код: 100024849
HP 726561-B21
HP LFF Cage for converting LFF drive bays to a media device, for HP ML350 Gen9 726561-B21 Код: 100176191
HP 651281-B21
651281-B21 HBA-адаптер QLogic QMH2572 8 Гб Fibre Channel для c-Class BladeSystem
Контроллер E Aruba 7008 (RW) (JX927A) 10/ 100/ 1000BASE-TX JX927A Код: 100222699

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