HP 749680-B21
Smart Array SAS Controller P244br/ 1GB FBWC/ 12G/ 2-ports Int. Option Kit for BL460 Gen9 749680-B21 Код: 100165953
HP 724864-B21
HP 2SFF SAS/ SATA HDD Cage in Front/ Rear Kit for DL380 Gen9 (in the rear is only supported with a 24SFF or 12LFF, For 2SFF front req 724865-B21) 724864-B21 Код: 100176193
HP 403619-B21 HBA-адаптер QLogic QMH2462 4 Гб Fibre Channel для c-Class BladeSystem
Контроллер HP FCA 81E 8Gb FC Host Bus Adapter PCI-E for Windows, Linux (LC connector), incl. h/ h & f/ h. brckts (analog AJ762A) AJ762B Код: 100024850
HP 700751-B21
700751-B21 двухпортовый адаптер 534FLR-SFP+ 10Gb
Контроллер HP Smart Array P721m/ 512 4-ports Ext Mezzanine SAS Controller for BL Gen8 655636-B21 Код: 100024625
Контроллер 631671-B21 Smart Array P420/ 2Gb FBWC, 2 порт. внутр., PCIe 3.0, SAS
HP 716197-B21
2M Ext MiniSAS HD(SFF8644) to MiniSAS HD(SFF8644) Cable 716197-B21 Код: 100176222
HP 725581-B21
HP Dedicated iLO Management Port Kit for DL160/ 180 Gen9 725581-B21 Код: 100165972
Контроллер дискового массива HP MSA 2040 Fibre Channel Controller (4Gb cache, 4x8/ 16 Gb FC ports, SFF8088 port for connect disk enclosures, no sfp, req. C8R23A or C8R24A) C8R09A Код: 100095199
HP 629135-B22
E Адаптер E 1Gb Ethernet 4P 331FLR (629135-B22) 629135-B22 Код: 100213954
Контроллер SAS Controller Smart Array P822/ 2GB FBWC/ 6Gb/ 2-ports Int(Mini-SAS 4i)/ 4-ports Ext(Mini-SAS 4x)/ PCIe3/ Full-height, half-length 615418-B21 Код: 100005652
HP 462862-B21
Mini-SAS Cable (SFF8482 to SFF8087) for connect LTO Int Tape Drives (for DW085A, EH847A, EH919A, EH860A) to P212 (462828-B21) and P410 (462862-B21) AP746A Код: 69962
Контроллер SAS Controller Smart Array P420/ 1GB FBWC/ 6Gb/ 2-port Int(SFF8087)/ PCI-E 3.0/ LP FF, no incl. brckts 631670-B21 Код: 172046
Контроллер HP FCA 81B 8Gb Single Port FC Host Bus Adapter PCI-E for Windows, Linux (LC connector), incl. h/ h & f/ h. brckts (analog AP769A) not work directly w/ P2000 AP769B Код: 100024848
HP HP N2Z63AA C - USB 3.0
Контроллер HP StorageWorks 6Gb SAS Blade Switch to communicate with P2000sa (8 external SFF8088 ports) Single switch BK763A Код: 112832
HP StorageWorks 81Q
Контроллер HP StorageWorks 81Q PCI-e FC HBA AK344A Код: 2237
HP 726911-B21
HP Smart Host Bus Adapter H241/ 12G (Zero Memory) (2x Ext (SFF8644) ports mSAS HD) PCI-E3.0 x8, incl. h/ h & f/ h. brckts 726911-B21 Код: 100165942
AJ764A StorageWorks 82Q 8Gb Dual Port PCIe Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (LC connector)

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